Welcome to A Karaoke Dj Rental

A Karaoke DJ is the type of entertainment that will thrill your guests, have them party all night & insure that when they do leave they will go home smiling and yelling for more. You can sing and swoon to the melodies of the past. You can rock and roll with the oldies. You can get down with the sounds of today. And you can dance the night away with our great selection of dance hits. Our Professional Karaoke Hosts will sing with you, for you or you can sing alone. Whatever you prefer. You and your guests can also dance to the standards, the oldies and the latest dance sensations. The 1930’s through today. Our Music Library’s Are up to date with today and yesterdays hits. Whatever your age, whatever era you grew up in, whatever style of music you enjoy, A Karaoke DJ Rental will supply you with the finest Karaoke And DJ selection available.

A Karaoke DJ Rental Services Northern California. A Karaoke DJ Rental is perfect for any event, and every social gathering. From  corporate parties, Birthday parties, Weddings,Team Building, Bar mitzvahs, and any other celebration that you can think of.If you have a sweet 16 party or youth group event coming up , consider A karaoke theme party.  Our American Idol Parties are always a success.Our Huge up to date music selection For DJ and Karaoke is a Big reason for our success.

We will provide a great DJ and Karaoke Experience. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money to rent a karaoke System with or without a DJ, you deserve  professionals who will arrive on time and bring with them a good attitude and a wide selection of  music. Don’t waste your money on karaoke DJ Companies that offer limited selections and an unprofessional interaction. Instead, opt for karaoke professionals who have been in the music business for a while and had seen it all in terms of both music and customer service.

A Karaoke DJ Rental provides karaoke System Rentals with and with out DJs to operate them.( Our Systems are very user friendly), DJ Systems with and with out DJs, Sound Systems with and with out Sound engineers all threw out Northern California. There are many cities that we service. If you don’t know if we’ll come to your city, give us a call!