Rent American Idol Karaoke Package

We offer 4 different American Idol Packages:

  • Karaoke with operator
  • Karaoke/DJ with operator
  • Karaoke/DJ with operator, 3 actors
  • Karaoke/DJ with operator, 3 American Idol impersonators impersonating Randy, Paula and Simon, or three regular actors.
    Female host models available upon request

Logo of american idol, the popular singing competition television series.
Details: Imagine your event having a replica of American Idol as your main entertainment. Our DJs/KJs play the part of Ryan Seacrest, who will facilitate the initial auditions and the performances by the finalists. We can use three people from your group as judges, or hire actors/impersonators as judges, dependent upon your budget. If you’ve seen this show on television, we will facilitate the same format. Click to learn more about our DJ rental services!

A collage of people enjoying a karaoke night, singing, and socializing in a festive atmosphere.

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